JOB SUMMARY:  The Design Director performs a leadership role by orchestrating the work of project teams focused on design, development, and delivery of outstanding solutions for our clients. The Design Director is involved with projects from the initial marketing stages through completion of construction and installation. During the life of a project, the Design Director works directly with the client, team members, and a wide range of consultants and collaborators. In addition to direct project involvement, the Design Director has a responsibility for building and sustaining client relationships and creating a culture of design excellence in the Studio.

As a member of the Studio’s leadership team, the Design Director also collaborates with other practice leaders and across the firm to enhance the culture for design excellence, elevate the quality of design, and achieve recognition for clients and the firm.


  • Direct and lead design teams through all phases of projects including guiding, advising, and mentoring other designers, developing design direction and leading design critiques/forums.
  • Effectively provide critical design review to design teams, communicating design ideas and direction quickly.
  • Engage in business development efforts, including participating in proposal generation, interviews and the representation of the Studio at key events.
  • Understand the total project process including fee and team management, schedules and budgets.
  • Play an integral part in the growth and success of the Studio.
  • Develop and implement key strategic initiatives as an influential “voice” of design.
  • Work closely with Design Directors across the firm to promote an inter-disciplinary design approach and philosophy, and to facilitate its advancement across the firm.
  • Discuss, develop and communicate ideas with verbal and graphic clarity.
  • Lead with passion, inspiration and a collaborative approach.
  • Confidently advise and guide clients as required.
  • Develop collaborative relationships across the firm, with clients, and with other key constituents.
  • Attend internal and external meetings as required.



  • Strong leadership, organization, communication and relationship-management skills.
  • Excellent graphics and visualization skills to effectively communicate design ideas.
  • A mix of strategic and creative points-of-view, with an understanding of clients’ business goals.
  • Initiative to continually innovate and advance the pursuit of design excellence at the Studio level as well as firmwide.
  • Collaboration skills, including the ability to work in an open team environment.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.


  • Licensed Architect.
  • Advanced degree in Architecture or related field from an accredited school.
  • 15+ years of professional experience as an Architect, working across diverse project types.
  • Proficient in Revit.
  • Expert understanding of design processes, ADA guidelines, building code and construction methods to ensure design concepts are executable.
  • Expert skills in conceptual thinking, experiential design and storytelling through space.
  • High level of technical experience to initiate and develop conceptual, schematic and design development framework for building systems, cores, site plan, etc.
  • Understanding of building codes applicable to the region.
  • Confidence in presentation skills and experience presenting ideas and complex design concepts to clients and in public forums.
  • Extensive network within the design community.

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*This company is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.