Sector Healthcare

Progressive healthcare designs that anticipate future demands, set benchmarks in patient care with bold and human environments to strengthen, heal, and connect.

Community and private healthcare institutions require solutions that anticipate changing demands. Shifting demographics, advancing technology, and cost constraints – blended with patient and community needs – are changing the face of healthcare. Healthcare clients around the globe currently share common concerns: to address aging populations and cope with increasingly complex and resilient illnesses with higher acuity. The principles of wellness and community care advocate for spaces that are clinical and practical, yet comfortable and healing, and are integrated with our social and technological future.

Integral to the design of our healthcare facilities is a focus on patient-centred care guided by Evidence-Based Design and lean efficiency. We have expertise with all forms of financial procurement models and we collaborate with full-service, acute care, and specialized hospital operators in Canada, Asia, and MENA to identify and serve their target markets. Using a research-based platform, we fuse our insight spanning complementary sectors and regions to serve our clients around the globe.