Sector Institutional/​Education

Inspired spaces and experiences inform and create the culture within public and educational institutions.

Thoughtful institutional design will steward the values and achievements of a society by advancing learning and research, curating cultural treasures, and sharing knowledge. These aspirations are realized through memorable experiences in meaningful spaces. We design carefully planned institutions in collaboration with our clients, stakeholders, and municipal decision-makers that shape communities and inspire people to engage in the preservation and evolution of their local culture.

As demographics change, teaching facilities continue to evolve as hubs of collaboration supporting multi-generational students from diverse cultures. Through close partnerships with our clients and their teams to determine how design can fulfill their future needs, we uncover the qualities of adaptable and interactive high-performance learning spaces. By applying the best practices of flexibility, openness, and technological enhancement, we design educational facilities that drive student and staff engagement, knowledge exchange, deep learning, and collaboration. We design social spaces that enhance education.