Service Biomimicry

Today’s problems require a new approach. The application of a biomimetic lens provides access to billion-year-old design strategies that can reduce costs, improve resiliency, and inspire compelling spaces, communities, and economies.

Biomimicry is nature-based design. It’s about recognizing that nature’s forms, processes, and systems are the culmination of billions of years of research and development for how to thrive on this planet. Through biomimicry, we consciously leverage this genius to improve our designs. We find more effective ways to fit our environments and design strategies that blur the glaring contrast between the built and natural environment and we build on the philosophy of humans being a young species, not a bad one.

In everything we do, we let nature lead. To do this, we try to understand the Living Story of a place – a holistic socio-ecological site assessment that allows us to understand what the land wants to do, what it will support us in doing, and what it will permit us to do. We also look at the local organisms to expand our creative thinking, to find better strategies for how to design and live in a particular environment. The Living Story is our best attempt at learning the trajectory of a land and how we can fit within that evolution because we know that it is expensive to fight nature and we know that the ultimate model of sustainability is nature.