Jay is a passionate and accomplished Intern Architect with over 7 years of professional design. He is strong in conceptual and schematic design and has worked on a variety of projects—from residential  towers, to university public spaces, to the Tomioka City Hall in Japan.

Jay enjoys the scalability of design: how he can apply his skills from the smallest item to a complex multi-building development. Jay’s search to go beyond perceived limits brought him to architecture where he is now realizing the fulfillment of taking a concept sketch on paper to a fully built building.

Before joining B+H, Jay mentored under two reputable Japanese architects.  To surpass the language barrier, there were times when Jay communicated his ideas by sketch and model alone. He learned the importance of ensuring his designs are appropriate to the culture in which he is working, and to be aware of who he is designing for. That lesson has fed into his current projects, where he brings creativity and sensitivity to the designs.

Jay finds inspiration all around, but especially in his creative circles. His diverse background allows him to approach projects in a new way, and his calm manner and ability to be clear and specific make Jay an excellent asset to any design team.