From childhood, Yasmeen found herself inspired by art, music, and LEGO. Her venture into architecture was quite accidental and rooted in her drive to explore a perfect blend of art, engineering, and creative imagination. Yasmeen ties her passion with how people connect through experiential design of space and the built environment. Her fondest memory is being part of the home opener game with 24,000 spectators roaring for the first time in a newly built soccer stadium, of which she managed and led its design for over four years.

Yasmeen likens the design approach to putting a jigsaw puzzle together – no two pieces are alike and each piece has its right fit. Yasmeen has cross-sector experience with projects around the world and this is precisely why she believes that when it comes to design, “one size does not fit all”. She knows every project is different and requires a fresh perspective through a natural process of discovery that allows for new thinking and uncovers unique solutions. Regardless of the differences between projects though, one thing holds true to Yasmeen: teams that are built around collaboration, communication, and trust are successful teams that produce the best results.