Bryan Berg displayed an affinity for the art of visual storytelling from an early age, writing and illustrating his own adventures. His love for graphic design has taken on many forms throughout the years, such as his growing fascination with the letterforms, typography, colour, and the precision of graffiti art. It’s no wonder that his present work at B+H requires him to weave stories – brand stories, that is.

A model Seattleite, the ideal day for Bryan Berg would have him delighted by everything this urban hub offers – from an early-morning lounge on the beach, to charging down the slopes midday, and a late-night escapade in the city. After all, Bryan is all about experiences. In his work, Bryan is focused on creating spaces that engage and inspire users. An architectural integration of the brand. Artful and thoughtful wayfinding. A moment of reflection. Whether his designs create a positive connection to a space or brand, or simply provides easy navigation and orientation, he’s committed to enhancing the user experience.

Have passion and conviction in your design ideas or don’t propose them.