For Sean, communication is key to the success of any project, particularly the sharing of ideas. In fact, if you ask him what he enjoys best about his work, he’ll tell you that it’s working with great communicators. Sean believes that truly compelling design can’t be created by one person alone. For him, there are too many ideas to share and test – from first sketches, to fine details, all the way through to construction – ideas that combine to create more creative, robust, and innovative design solutions.

I love to watch my peers and colleagues build our stories and then boil them back down to core principles.

Sean joined B+H in 2013 and works on the development and delivery of fast-paced technically challenging public projects. He specializes in the design of high-performance building enclosures and collaborating with his teams to see our clients’ design goals realized in the world. Working closely with our internal teams, engineers, subject matter experts and construction specialists, he’s dedicated to the delivery of building designs that are cutting-edge and address the needs of the people they’re built for.