David Duff’s design approach is grounded in decades of experience and being open to diverse perspectives. Through a flexible style that challenges assumptions, David is open to any idea that may be helpful to a project, regardless of its source. He believes that successful projects are composed of ideas that: drive design, generate the criteria for judging success, and are simply the reason behind every initiative. Beginning with the early stages of each project, David asks probing questions to understand what drives his clients. Specifically, he’s interested in understanding the elements and metrics beyond a client’s program, budget, and schedule that will create the differentiation every project needs to be successful.

David’s experience prior to B+H is divided equally between pursuits in healthcare and higher education. Collaborating closely with our healthcare specialists in Shanghai, David continues his focus on leadership, planning, and design and he appreciates the opportunity to work with talented and energetic experts on challenging and rewarding projects. David teaches and mentors young architects within the firm in the pursuit of design excellence to help develop our team’s expertise and thoughtful approach to design.

Design should strive for maximum persuasion with minimal resources.