Never underestimate the transformative power of a really good story.

During her entire career, Jill Jago has collaborated with talented designers and engineers – working on everything from waste water management, to hospitals, and the planning of entire cities – yet she can barely draw a stick figure. Over time, she has come to appreciate that words, and the stories she weaves from them, are her medium. Jill listens to and interprets the thoughts, ideas, and aspirations emanating from those around her and repackages that wisdom and passion in a way that she hopes will resonate with a broader audience. Fascinated by words from an early age, Jill began collecting languages in high school and followed their trail through graduate school. Her experiences have taught her that, fundamentally, successful outcomes depend upon excellent communication and ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation.

Bringing with her 25 years of strategic communications experience, Jill joined our Seattle studio as a consultant in 2016 and in less than a year was appointed to a newly created role. Jill leads global thought leadership and content development to support a living brand culture and strategically aligns communications and marketing initiatives with B+H’s business, sector, and service objectives. In addition to managing her own consulting practice, she has previously held roles as Researcher, Strategist, Writer, and Marketing Director.