An avid runner, Tas is no stranger to the focus and calm that comes from a dedicated running practice and anyone who has worked with her knows she brings that same focus to her work. If you ask her what her favourite journey has been so far, she’ll likely tell you that the challenges, hardships, celebrations, and special moments she’s experienced have taught her valuable lessons and given her a purpose in life. A strong proponent for fairness and equality, Tas leads our Global Diversity and Inclusivity Initiative. She believes that a successful team not only collaborates well with each other, but also respects, trusts, and cares for one another.

I want to be a winner but not in the traditional sense of the word. To me, being a winner is being a dreamer and never giving up.

As Chief Financial Officer at B+H, Tas acts as steward and operator for the firm for our global operations. Her role is essential to protecting the assets of the company and ensuring compliance with varying regional financial regulations, as well as leading her teams efficiently and successfully, She’s a strategist who provides financial leadership and aligns our strategies to grow our business, while acting as a catalyst to drive business improvement initiatives. Tas prides herself on working with a diverse group of professionals that are open to challenging the norm and pushing boundaries.