Bill Nankivell vividly recalls playing in the stairwell of the third floor of 481 University Avenue as a 7 year old visiting his father’s office. Then headquarters of The Financial Post, no one would have predicted that decades later Bill would be CEO of a company in that exact same building, on that exact same floor. Since joining the firm in 1996, he’s led B+H’s growth in healthcare and higher education, establishing the processes required to develop this portion of the firm’s business to its current reach and success. Through hands-on experience with business development and design implementation within the firm, making his move to the positon of CEO in 2006 was a natural shift.


Our focus is clear communication, strategic thinking and the discovery of inspiring design solutions through collaboration within our teams and with our clients.

You won’t find Bill Nankivell holed up in an office with his door shut. Bill’s desk is alongside the others in the open-concept space at B+H’s Toronto office. As CEO of the firm, having this direct connection with the staff is very important to him and he’s also dedicated to regular trips to the firm’s studios across the globe to stay connected. Bill knows how crucial his part is in ensuring that staff and leadership are engaged in a way that encourages collaboration and the best use of people and resources. A large part of his role, Bill helps to maintain consensus for the firm across sectors and regions to achieve common goals through design leadership.

Bill has been instrumental in expanding the firm’s global platform in new regions through organic growth as well as through mergers and acquisitions. While he guides the firm as it grows internationally, Bill is also dedicated to maintaining its strong Canadian roots. Through an emphasis on quality design, technical excellence and client service, Bill continues to guide B+H into the future.