Ramon Siochi always had an affinity for architecture and design. His artistry emerged as a child in elementary school when he would draw houses. His teachers would use his drawings to teach their classes and his university professors would do the same as he continued throughout his education. His hands-on approach to design is now not only evident in his work through the hand sketches he produces of the projects he’s working on but also through his hobby of building computers. In the same way that he appreciates building a powerful computer from scratch, Ramon appreciates the building design process when he sees a modern and sleek building being built from a concept or vision.

For me, making something visual is the easiest way to express concepts and thoughts.

With over 43 years of experience working in the field, Ramon is a skilled architect with a technical approach to design who uses his knowledge to positively impact every project he works on. He has worked on developments in Canada and overseas in nearly every sector and his broad scope of experience and expertise lends well to his understanding of what’s required within his teams to uncover innovative and future flexible designs.