One simple fact will tell you most of what you need to know about Guy – he’s the head instructor and last remaining teacher of a Jujutsu lineage going back a century to its originator. He believes deeply in his responsibility to pass it down for posterity and to ensure that it’s not lost to future generations. That’s the kind of person, and leader, Guy Taylor is.

He loves working with people, mentoring and guiding them but also sharing with them and learning from them. He loves to help people realize their potential, and that same love is translated into his work. He sees the possibilities for uniqueness in every project, no matter how large or small, and believes in using an intuitive ability to create a unifying concept and then staying true to it so that it’s realized in every detail.

Out of small and insignificant things proceeds that which is great.

As Managing Principal, Vancouver Guy’s friendly and compassionate nature combined with his ability to simultaneously focus on detail and believe in the importance of the big picture enable him to lead a successful team on a diverse range of complex projects. The satisfaction of providing a client with a solution that embodies everything that they needed and much more than they had imagined was possible drives all his efforts. He ensures everyone feels significant and integral to the process, and this creates outstanding results.