It was clear from an early age that Nhan Ton had a natural inclination for design. Inspired as a young man by a hand sketch from his father’s working table, Nhan has always been fascinated with how ideas can be translated into form. Throughout the years, he has solidified his design approach to shape useable spaces that are simple, sustainable, and respect nature. Through group synergy, creativity, sharing, and learning, Nhan successfully helps to guide his teams. Nhan always begins with getting a thorough understanding of his clients’ needs and the people who will be using the spaces to ensure the most inspired design.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, at all times. You just have to look for it.

A Senior Architect, Nhan joined our Ho Chi Minh City studio in 2013. His nearly 20 years of experience in architecture and planning for both local and foreign developers throughout Vietnam has shaped his deep understanding of local design standards and regulations. Nhan is involved in projects across sectors from the initial design concept phase through to design development for construction.