Matt has been involved in the interior design industry for more than 17 years, during which he has designed, worked on, and presided over several kinds of interior projects. These include offices, retail, hotels, restaurants, clubhouses, show units, show villas and so on.

He is now playing a key role for the whole project process from concept design to project management through to project completion. Matt supports projects in terms of operations, financial performance and staffing resources; from inception with the preparation of fee proposals and contract review; concept design, preparation of detail design guidelines and supervising the technical support team controls through to the production of drawings and reports. He also liaises with clients and coordinates with different discipline/consultants all the time, as well as carries out site supervision to ensure the quality of construction and adherence to maintain the design quality of the project. Matt has won a higher respect and reputation for his project work from clients, colleagues and consultants because of his high level of responsibility and professional project experience.

Make people trust you by your virtue.