B+H Experiential Graphic Design

Creating meaningful interactions between people, place, and brand

5月 31, 2023

ExD translates your brand ethos and communicates it within your space through thoughtful, branded moments that reflect your culture and express stories that connect with users, creating a memorable sense of place.

Through client engagement and research, ExD gains a keen understanding of our clients’ brand culture and facilitates customer interaction, pride of place and brand experience. It creates emotional connections that leave long-lasting impressions where the return on investment can be measured by brand loyalty of customers and staff. Through thoughtfully designed visual communications, digital-physical interactions, wayfinding, and art, ExD creates meaningful interactions between people, place, and brand. We work in tandem with interior and architectural design teams to develop meaningful and enduring user experiences from vision to implementation. We strive to orchestrate profound, human-centered experiences using collective insight and collaboration to solve complex design problems.

What We Do:

Experience Design Experiential Graphic Design (Environmental Graphics ▪ Branded Art Installations ▪ Digital-physical Interactions ▪ Branded Signage & Wayfinding)

Branding Visioning ▪ Naming ▪ Visual Identity ▪ Brand Guidelines ▪ Brand Collateral (Stationery ▪ Marketing Materials ▪ Packaging ▪ Menu & Apparel Design)

Digital Expression Website Design ▪ App Design ▪ Motion Graphics ▪ Social Media Campaigns