B+H Crit Crawl

Beyond Feedback: Building a Collaborative Community

6月 11, 2024

Our Toronto studio buzzed with energy during the B+H Crit Crawl on April 30, 2024. This exciting event brought together everyone across departments for a studio-wide critique session on key projects in progress.

The Crit Crawl wasn’t just about receiving feedback; it was about fostering community and collaboration. We believe that by working together, we can achieve truly remarkable things. The projects tackled often presented “wicked problems” – complex challenges that defied a single solution. This is where our diverse team came in!



By sharing everyone’s unique perspectives, the Crit Crawl was a chance to share and discuss ideas on approaching these creative challenges.

Every voice drives our success. Here at our studio, we thrive on the vibrant exchange of ideas and diverse perspectives that come from interdisciplinary collaboration. When everyone engages in open discussions, we spark fresh insights that not only redefine our working methods, but also lead to groundbreaking solutions for our clients.


The Crit Crawl spotlighted the importance of open collaboration towards shared goals. It provided a platform for ongoing engagement across disciplines, services, and sectors. This event fostered deeper connections and shaped new ways for everyone to be involved in our work and share valuable thoughts.