Regenerate 2024

B+H Celebrates Regenerate Week with Mass Timber Focus

6月 11, 2024

Surbana Jurong Group’s Regenerate 2024 isn’t just about sustainability; it’s a call to action for a regenerative future. This initiative pushes beyond mere sustainability, urging a shift towards regenerative practices. It’s about businesses becoming positive contributors, replenishing what they take from the environment and society.

This year, the spotlight shines on the built environment – the world we shape through planning, design, and construction. The focus is on ensuring these practices minimize environmental harm and actively cultivate a future where both people and the planet flourish. Building resilience for tomorrow and fostering innovation that fosters a self-renewing urban environment are at the heart of this vision.

As a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, we marked Regenerate Week with a series of events aligned with the theme “Knowledge—Advancement & Philanthropy.” This included a Lunch & Learn session featuring Timmerman Timberworks and a cross-studio Design in Progress session exploring mass timber construction and its sustainability benefits.

Lunch & Learn: Deep Dive into Mass Timber

The Lunch & Learn with Timmerman Timberworks continued the learning journey that began with our studio’s Crit Crawl, which focused on mass timber applications. This session provided insights into mass timber’s latest advancements and applications in building design and strategies for reducing embodied carbon in construction projects.

Design in Progress: Exploring Mass Timber in Projects

A dedicated “Design in Progress” session allowed our team to delve deeper into the design of a current mass timber residential project, highlighting its commitment to sustainable building practices. The design team also presented valuable insights from attending the recent OAA Mass Timber Conference, providing fresh perspectives on the latest industry advancements. 


By weaving these events together, we not only celebrated sustainability during Regenerate Week, but also fostered a connection between our internal design work and industry-wide advancements in sustainable construction.