Warren is a strong proponent of great design and believes that this is best born through an approach that equally balances inspiration and response to context, with pragmatism and consideration of viability and practicality for people and communities. An appropriate design response that encompasses these into a holistic strategy from the get-go is fundamental to his process, and is integral to fostering great design, both at the project level and beyond. For Warren, people and their needs come first; the inherent constraints are hidden opportunities that help clients and design teams find the right solution – project challenges lead to creative responses, which lead to thoughtful and considered design.

Inherent in every project is the opportunity to ‘do the right thing’ and serves to make the project that much richer for it.

With more than twenty-five years of architectural experience across western Canada, Warren is widely recognized for his work in the commercial, residential, and institutional sectors with a portfolio of projects spanning diverse scales and complexities. His broad experience includes leading an extensive array of projects across typologies, with a focus on sustainable, high-performance buildings and Passive House design.

Warren has been consistently recognized by both clients and contractors for his ability to effortlessly communicate project objectives and see them through to completion. His passion for team growth, development and mentorship will foster and empower our next generation of architecture leadership within our Vancouver studio.