Restaurant renovation turns back the clock to the city’s origin

Prova Bar and Kitchen


Inspired by humble beginnings, Prova Bar and Kitchen at the Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel turns back the clock to the city’s origin to evoke a sense of place and explore its former incarnation, Bytown and the booming Ottawa River timber trade dating back to the 19th century.

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The entire space is a subtle nod to simpler times, celebrating the idea of workmanship, sparking the desire for things to feel handmade. Embracing a sense of community, the open floor plan feels welcoming and inclusive with great visible connectivity while maintaining just the right amount of privacy to diners. The obvious feature is the central seating area anchored by an architectural wood structure that serves as the backbone of the restaurant.

In terms of materials, wood was and still is a staple of Canadian trade. A beautiful light blond wood species was chosen to uniformly adorn the interior, a reference back to the original concept of timber. The bold mosaic tile floor pattern is a playful interpretation of the stereotypical Canadian lumberjack’s garment. For a splash of colour, deep greens from the pine needles and evergreen trees are present in the fabrics and tiles cladding the bar front.

Most of the fixtures and furnishings are bespoke including the handmade book art installation located above the lounge area meant to mimic logs. The pendant fixtures are a combination of black metal and raw wood spheres for detailing. The chairs are constructed with honest materials using simple techniques with wood, leather and caning, materials prevalent during the timber trade era. The final design effortlessly fusses together simplicity and drama with a warm liveliness.

doublespace photography