Chic Neighbourhood Restaurant Transformation

Stock and Supply


Once a traditional lobby bar built in 1998 Stock and Supply was transformed into a neighbourhood restaurant with small plate menu with locally sourced ingredients and unique beverage offerings. The raised floor plate was expanded over a grand lobby stair that was underutilized due to vehicle access at the other end of the lobby. The design centred on a feature bar in the primary line of sight supported by a variety of seating options, all now visible from the main lobby. An exposed ceiling creates an unexpected moment linking the establishment to the many food and beverage interventions in the adjacent Gastown area – the historic heart of the young city.

The design palette for the space is fresh with a vibrant graphic floor tile. The design pulled inspiration from the Gastown district mixed with a modern palette with bold graphic elements. This restaurant offers a warm and approachable environment in one of Vancouver’s trendiest areas.