B+H Strengthens Residential and Corporate Workplace Leadership

11月 1, 2023

At B+H, we recognize the importance of having the right leaders in place to guide us confidently into the future. We’re welcoming four new Toronto Studio Principals, two of which have already played an important role in our ongoing success, along with two new faces.

With these additions and promotions, we’re positioning ourselves to remain at the forefront of our key sectors. We’re committed to setting higher standards of excellence and opening doors to new and exciting opportunities. Our new Principals will also contribute to a culture of collaboration, innovation, and design excellence to empower talent and inspire our teams.

Residential and Mixed-Use Sector Principals

To continue developing our residential portfolio, we’re welcoming Jeff Cogliati onboard and celebrating the promotions of Stephanie Maignan and Macquinn Victoria as new Principals.

Jeff Cogliati

With more than 18 years of experience, Jeff is known in the industry for his contributions to high-rise, mixed-use projects in Canada and across the globe. He’s passionate about harnessing technology to explore design opportunities, an advocate for sustainable design approaches, and committed to ensuring design excellence and top-tier quality during construction. Jeff’s experience with working on all aspects of a project from concept to construction, along with his focus on design excellence and business development, will allow us to grow and strengthen our residential profile and portfolio.

Stephanie Maignan

Over her 20 years of practice, Stephanie has been involved in a diverse range of projects across North America and Asia, including prominent mixed-use and residential communities across Canada. Within her last six years with B+H, she has demonstrated the ability to guide our design teams through conceptual design, through to execution and has led many of our large pursuits and projects. Her constant passion for design excellence, exploring new ideas, and attention to detail will be intrinsic to our success as she continues to lead teams to deliver high-quality design solutions.

Macquinn Victoria_Web

Macquinn Victoria

Macquinn has over 20 years of experience including global projects spanning residential, mixed-use and hospitality and has been with B+H since 2021. Macquinn’s extensive project management experience has been vital to ensuring that our internal teams are aligned with client and project goals throughout the life of a project, while working efficiently and cohesively. Macquinn will continue to lead and mentor his teams in ensuring that we exceed our clients’ expectations and expertly navigate the complexities of the needs of our growing high-rise residential and mixed-use clientele.

Corporate Workplace Leadership

As we continue to manage the changing landscape of the corporate environment, Franca Rezza will be working closely with Stephanie Panyan to grow our corporate workplace profile and portfolio.

Franca Rezza  

Franca has over 20 years of experience managing the delivery of corporate workplace projects across a variety of sectors. Her client-centric approach allows her to view projects from multiple perspectives to ensure alignment across stakeholders, including developers, tenants, owners, and designers. Her holistic approach will ensure that we can continue to innovate in a sector that’s changing by the minute. Franca has an established reputation within the industry and will contribute to our business development efforts by establishing new client connections and cultivating and nurturing existing ones.

The addition of our four new Principals comes at an exciting time as we continue to build upon our Residential/Mixed-Use and Corporate ID portfolios and celebrate 70 Years of Design.