Building A More Affordable Future

CABN Vision Plan


CABN designs and builds modular, net-zero, affordable housing. They engaged B+H to partner on the development of a vision plan for a biomimetic community in Maynard, Ontario.

Using our Living Story methodology, we learned what the land wanted to do and how our designs could fit that trajectory. This included enhancing the existing wetlands and preserving the 41 hectares of forest while maintaining higher lot values. The vision was to transform the bare land to rebuild the forest, restore natural habitat, accommodate affordable housing, increase biodiversity, and use the forest for recreation and nutrients. Through our approach, the forest becomes a playground or collective backyard and a unique selling feature, while also enhancing the ecological performance of the entire site.


Inspired by ant colony dynamics, we developed a shared vision for a resilient and connected community that facilitates meeting and gathering opportunities between community members. We designed micro-grids and interconnected patches to celebrate locally attuned and resilient infrastructure. We also explored ways to honour the original land stewards (the Iroquois) by following the Orenda Principle, focusing on traditional agricultural practices and celebrating the architecture of longhouses through CABN’s designs.