Design has always been a passion for Ilinca. Prior to attending architectural school, she worked as a fashion designer and considered applying to fashion school. In the end, she realized she was fascinated by the ability to shape and form the environments that surround us. As they say: the rest is history. Realizing that beauty is subjective, Ilinca believes that all input into the design process is valuable and can be used to shape the end solution. She knows that people must come first in design and that well-planned and strategically designed interiors and exteriors contribute to the well being of inhabitants on biological, psychological, and socio-economic levels.

We are all human and design should support and elevate the human experience.

Ilinca’s extensive experience in the healthcare sector allows her to deliver P3 projects with a critical eye from the client’s point of view. With over 18 years of experience in healthcare design, Ilinca specializes in the clinical planning and Lean design application to planning of interiors and exteriors; overseeing clinical and non-clinical user engagement; design development planning; and technical support in areas such as clinical and non-clinical planning and design construction documents development. She appreciates an inclusive approach to design rooted in honest communication and leveraging everyone’s individual strengths, skillsets and knowledge to create holistic solutions.