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Inspiring, functional, and contextual environments emerge from engaging our clients.

Duc Nguyen

Yuan Zhou

Jerome Pacheco

Rachel Miller

Vi Tran

Anh (Van) Nguyen

Davin Tan

Ariel Obtinalla

Thao Huynh

Jenny Noh

Sean Cain

Jane Lv

Jay Bills

Birgul Coskun

Livia Sima

Polly Cheung

Tran Le

Lidu Yan

Thosapond Chawatpunjaroen

Tri Vo

Lenka Fan

Nick Patterson

Young Yang

Cathy Chen

We believe in the power of design to transform spaces, communities, and economies.

Matthew Ventura

Leo Racela

Hannah Morrow

George Zhang

Garima Kumar

Morgan McIntosh

Khang Nguyen

Boian Dabov

Anh Tran

Design performance and innovation are responsive to emerging market trends.

Xing Ni Poon

Terence Ngan

Thuan Nguyen

Jason Tang

Theresa Forti

An Phan

We nurture and inspire our talent to create transformative solutions for our clients.

Michael Jin

Phuong Tran

Selly Xu

Teams curated for the right blend of talent and experience.

We uncover our clients’ current and anticipated business contexts to inspire innovation.

Successful projects require strong relationships. Strong relationships are built on trust.

Phuc Tran

Minh Chau

Erika Tran