Healthier Air, Healthier People

GIGA and B+H Architects deepen healthy building partnership

September 21, 2017

This article was originally published on September 21, 2016 on GIGA’s blog.

With a major shift moving towards office health and sustainable practices, GIGA™, an international organization that assesses the health performance of buildings in real time, is pleased to announce an extended partnership with B+H Architects. The partnership will support the firm’s continued focus on creating healthy spaces across its global studios in the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

As a part of the extended partnership, B+H, a leading global architecture and design firm will be the world’s first company to publicly track the indoor health and well-being of its global studios using RESET™, an international project certification that uses real-time analytics to monitor indoor air quality and environmental conditions—including ambient temperature, CO2, material off-gassing, humidity and fine particulate matter.

“We have a good understanding of air quality within the Shanghai and Toronto offices, not just in terms of pollutants such as particulates and VOCs (chemical off-gassing), but also CO2,” said Ryan Dick of GIGA / RESET™ “We’re also tracking how these change in relation to temperature and humidity. We’ll now be gathering this information across highly different geographies, all from one partner. That’s tremendous.”

Over the past six years B+H, has partnered with GIGA™ to lead numerous initiatives centered on sustainability and environmental regeneration in both North America and Asia. Many of the projects have focused on increasing awareness to the importance of healthy building products. B+H and GIGA™ have led large scale data drives in both Asia and North America, aggregating healthy product data and raising the state of the industry by making it publicly available.

“As an international firm, we believe in creating healthy places for people to work, learn, live heal and play better”, said Lisa Bate, Regional Managing Principal, North America for B+H Architects. “It continues to be our focus to create an environment that supports our staff’s health, and through RESET™ we can monitor key environmental elements of each of our studios and make the appropriate adjustments to help prevent illnesses and improve well-being of our staff.”

B+H has deployed indoor environment monitors compliant with the RESET™ Standard across their global office locations. Key results and findings are currently being tested and soon will be published by B+H and GIGA™, as well as used to inform the development of RESET™ internationally. As a member of the World Green Building Council’s Better Places for People initiative, B+H will also be contributing the findings to this global initiative.


RESET™ is developed and administered by GIGA, an independent third party which combines the development of building standards with cloud technology. GIGA’s tools and programs provide free access to transparent, open data: supporting performance-driven, regenerative buildings and increasing the accessibility and impact of healthy buildings globally.