Why Will People Come And Stay?

Creating Compelling Destinations

November 1, 2019

At B+H, we believe an integrated multi-disciplinary design approach is critical to addressing every touchpoint of what makes a destination unique and memorable. Through a holistic process that fuses pre-design strategic planning with architecture, landscape, interior design, and experiential + graphic design, we work closely with our clients to create destinations that are resilient in a fast-changing world. We design multi-dimensional experiences that engage visitors, travelers and residents alike.

The creation of every compelling destination begins with a vision. As designers, it’s our job to ask the right questions to tease out the details of each project’s unique vision and understand how to translate the intangibles of experience into the built environment. By thinking holistically and asking tough questions, we deliver our clients’ visions, so nothing is lost in translation.

Asking the right questions is about asking the questions that uncover the experiences people crave.

People always come first.

Why will people come and more importantly, why will they stay?

Throughout the design process, we look at how to create the best user experiences to draw people to a place and give them ample reason to stay. In the case of Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, the location already placed this new entertainment complex at the base of the CN Tower – one of Toronto’s most famous landmarks. Our challenge was to design the aquarium to complement and further activate its prime location and create a journey for the experience to accommodate over 5,000 visitors a day.

We knew we had to create an experience to span over two hours while engaging an eclectic mix of visitors – both young and old. The aquarium design had to showcase the most intriguing global aquatic life in an interactive way and offer a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the complex. The result is a two-storey, two-hour journey that creates an exploratory learning experience that is entertaining and fun. The current space programming has also extended beyond initial uses to include overnight stays, cocktail parties, sit-down dinners, live bands and even yoga.

Ripley’s 2-​hour journey
Ripley’s 2-​hour journey(2)