How Do We Connect People?

Creating Compelling Destinations

December 4, 2019

The creation of every compelling destination begins with a vision. As designers, it’s our job to ask the right questions to tease out the details of each project’s unique vision and understand how to translate the intangibles of experience into the built environment. By thinking holistically and asking tough questions, we deliver our clients’ visions, so nothing is lost in translation.

Asking the right questions is about asking the questions that uncover the experiences people crave. People always come first.

How do we connect people?

Historic Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is nestled in one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in Canada. Surrounded by 700 acres of pristine trails and glacier-fed waters, guests treat themselves to a majestic setting that connects them to the beauty of nature and its healing elements. CHIL Interior Design renovated the lakefront Ridgeline Cabins (originally established in 1928) to carefully balance the contemporary and classic to create cozy and luxurious dwellings that not only connect guests to the natural environment but also to each other.

A strong sense of place is created by the colour palette of deep greens and caramel tones infused with bronze accents borrowed from the surrounding landscape. Wood ceilings and floors in the living areas bring the cabin’s interiors in harmony with its rustic exterior, while tailored details provide the level of sophistication that guests have come to expect at this historic destination. The cabins feature central fireplaces in the main living spaces, open concept kitchens and spacious dining spaces to encourage gathering. Modern interpretations of traditional plaids, rich textures and natural materials provide a sense of warmth, comfort and intimacy throughout the seasons. Quiet luxury combined with an updated yet classic cabin atmosphere sets the scene for authentic and memorable moments that will have guests returning for years to come.

Ridgeline Cabin Kitchen