Simone Casati’s career path has taken him in many different directions and has helped him grow professionally and personally through experimentation and exploration. Regardless of the type of work he’s been involved in throughout his career, he has always tapped into his creativity to help adapt experiences into stories. Simone has worked in political science, product and fashion design, and even the production of special effects for movies. He recognizes that regardless of whether you’re dealing with products, places or things, people connect through stories and stories are reflected through brands.

For Simone, the story and brand behind every project is a fusion of many variables and will arise through a deep level of investigation. He’ll throw himself into a project and through focus and collaboration, will begin to uncover the fusion of elements – culture, art, poetry, images – that will help to inspire a clear vision and direction. He also applies lessons learned in all aspects of his work to find new ways to express design ideas. Simone brings his experience working in Europe to his current portfolio in China to not only infuse solutions with a different aesthetic but to translate traditional Asian design elements in a modern way.


In design people come first and their experience with the design is the most important factor.

Simone joined B+H in 2013 and brings his wealth of experience to help develop architecture and urban design projects. A graduate of the European Design Institute in Milan, Simone founded StileOStile Design Company in 2004 and was involved in the production of retail and residential interior design products. His entrepreneurial pursuits also include co-founding an architectural firm prior to joining B+H. In addition to his professional experience, Simone has a key role in developing educational programs for the European Design Institute.