Reading and listen to music are the main sources of inspiration and joy for Liming. Both of these bring different experiences and perspectives and encourage meaningful thinking in Liming which she can then bring to life. Her experiences and circumstances growing up, along with her own keen observational abilities, have combined to give Liming a keen understanding about interior space.

Each designer is unique in his/her eye-catching style. The challenge of each project is to collaborate with the best teamwork to create the most suitable design for the project and make it happen.

With more than ten years of working in interior design, Liming has abundant experience in a variety of spaces, such as commercial, hospitality, and corporate workplace.  In design management she is not only devoted to the design of the early dynamic layout planning, but also strives to coordinate all consultants around the construction development. This way, she ensures the best quality of project is completed in the end. Liming works closely with the project team harmoniously by leading with effective organization and coordination. She strives to enhance and respect each of the team members’ strengths to provide the best design results for the project.