Melanie Clarke helps to facilitate design concepts by balancing a clear vision with a systematic approach and her design aesthetic leans towards references to nature and the organic form. She digs deep to find the underlying story that will make every project unique and complete through its form. Fusing lifestyle needs with conceptual design, she explores ideas based on how people will best be served with buildings and spaces. Melanie approaches every project with a fresh perspective to create something different and through collaboration, discovery and sketching, allows for new opportunities to learn and grow within her craft.


I’ve learned a lot from, and am inspired by, travelling and doing things that are beyond my comfort zone.

As an Associate, Melanie is aware of the importance of the role she plays in not only supporting the firm’s endeavours but also in representing women in influential positions within the architecture and design industries. Passionate about equal representation of women, Melanie’s experience in driving the design process sets an example for others to take on influential roles.

Melanie joined B+H in 2013, bringing along with her nine years of experience in London and Toronto. Her skillset has expanded to include a wide range of building types and sizes including large infrastructure developments. Melanie is known for her imaginative design solutions to complex briefs as she continues to find innovative ways to bridge form and function.