Jeff’s journey in the world of architecture began in his childhood when he found himself immersed in the Art Deco architectural legacy of Detroit, Michigan. Inspired by the grandeur of the city’s built wonders, he began to foster a lifelong admiration for the craft. Over the years, he has channeled his passion for the arts, music, and drawing to fuel a creative spirit that has guided his architectural vision. Jeff has a unique knack for relating music to architecture, understanding the rhythm and harmony that exists in both disciplines, and he uses this synergy to explore multiple creative avenues.

With a keen eye for innovation, Jeff has tapped into evolving technology over the years – including the emergence of AI tools – to quickly generate the seeds of ideas for complex design options. Along with technology, Jeff is committed to eco-conscious practices and is a proponent for sustainable solutions that are rooted in net zero aspirations. He works closely with each individual client and context and applies lessons learned through his experience with built projects to create the best possible design solutions and outcomes.

The transformative power of architecture lies in how it can create spaces that inspire, elevate and endure through time.

With more than 18 years of experience, Jeff is known in the industry for his contributions to high-rise, mixed-use projects in Canada, helping to shape Toronto’s eclectic urban fabric. Jeff’s expertise shines in the realms of conceptual and schematic design, and he skillfully navigates all phases of a project, from initial concept to final construction, ensuring successful outcomes at every stage. Jeff’s unwavering dedication to a high degree of design excellence remains at the heart of his work and he values strong relationships as the cornerstone of successful project outcomes. He has nurtured close ties with city officials to facilitate seamless and efficient approval processes and mentors his teams to foster the next generation of design leaders.