Every so often, we take a step back from our daily lives to gain perspective – to reevaluate the choices we’ve made and the paths we’ve wandered. In some cases, things remain status quo. Occasionally though, upon reflection, we make decisions that change the course of our personal and professional lives forever. For Patrick Fejér, 2005 was a time for precisely that – a year to reflect, regroup, and redirect; and it was the year he decided to move back to Canada with his family. Little did he know that when his portfolio landed on the desk of B+H’s Chairman, the firm too was engaged in a period of change. Continuing to move forward as a design-centred practice, Patrick’s collaborative experience with large scale design and the redefinition of urban centres was exactly what B+H needed.

Visionary design will create experiences by influencing and changing our perceptions. It will create natural connections between seemingly disparate elements and help people thrive in all areas of life.

Never without his black Moleskin notebook, Patrick’s hand sketches illustrate the workings of a mind that’s constantly conceptualizing, honing, and refining the world around him. Patrick believes that architects engage in a continuous battle throughout the design process to be both the stewards and defenders of design – to allow it to unfold naturally as challenges are mitigated through innovation. They translate the complexity of the many factors that influence a development into simple solutions. His end goal? To collectively create a unique vision and identity for every project and to add value by stepping out of the obvious through fearless exploration within his teams.

As one of the firm’s most senior design leaders, Patrick joined the firm in 2005, was appointed as a Partner in 2007 and appointed as CEO in 2022. With over twenty years of experience in design, he has a remarkably diverse range of project type experience, located in every corner of the globe.