Jones Guo thrives in a team environment. Knowing that it takes a true joint effort on behalf of every member of a team, collaboration is an important aspect of her work. Jones gets inspired by seeing how she can follow the design process step-by-step to see how the many elements of every project come together to transform an idea or vision into strategy and finally, a constructed building. Beginning with creative ideas and ending with practical solutions, Jones is an integral part of our team, providing the knowledge and skillset required to see a project through to completion.

Inspiration comes naturally from an innovative mind and rich experiences.

With 17 years of experience in the field, Jones has expertise in architectural design, urban planning and contract administration. Her thoughtful approach to concept design, design development, working drawing design, and project management ensures that her creative approach results in functional solutions that not only work but are also elegant and sustainable. She takes great pride in seeing how her clients and the users of her designs can thrive in the spaces she helps to create.