Geoff Hodgetts appreciates a broad view of planning and design. Having been exposed to multiple aspects of projects, he enjoys wearing different hats as this allows him to see various perspectives and engage in different types of work. Geoff’s experience with different project phases allows him to provide innovative solutions because he can anticipate issues outside of his immediate scope of work before they arise. With in-depth knowledge spanning from schematic design and upfront planning to the development of precise project construction details, Geoff’s highly analytical nature allows him to confidently take on even the most complex management roles.

Geoff has been a member of the B+H team since 2002 and is experienced in all aspects of architecture from design to contract administration, within Canada and abroad. He has worked in a range of sectors. As a design-oriented architect, Geoff’s vision and resolute attention to detail have been key to delivering inventive and exciting solutions.

Seeing how construction drawings evolve into the built form has taught me a lot about being truly innovative in my work.