Tom Hook grew up in a small town an hour and a half outside of Toronto and grew up playing hockey. In fact, his parents used to fill their pool and edge it with timber to create a rink right in their own backyard. Considering his family’s sense of play and ingenuity, it’s no surprise that he’s one of the most approachable and resourceful people you’ll meet. Tom still plays to this day and his appreciation for team sports explains how he understands what it means to successfully manage a team, clearly communicate to achieve objectives and deliver under pressure.


A successful team can’t live without mutual understanding and continuous collaboration.

Tom isn’t content with routine and status quo. He likes the challenges involved in his work where things are always changing from one project to the next. Having expanded from a small office to taking on international large-scale projects at B+H, Tom is always excited by the opportunity to travel and work on projects that make a big impact. Tom also appreciates working in an integrated studio because it gives him the opportunity to contribute to a cohesive development plan.

Tom joined B+H in 2011 as a Principal in the firm’s newly expanded planning, urban design and landscape division. He has over twenty years of experience on a wide range of local and international projects including large and site-specific planning, urban design and landscape architecture. Tom’s in charge of daily coordination across teams and manages even the smallest project details to stick to budgets and timelines. Tom recognizes that a successful team is one whose members know each other well and he prides himself at growing and maintaining strong client relationships.