Even under the most extreme time crunch, you’ll find Karen Hunter wearing a genuine smile on her face. Anyone will tell you she embodies the essence of grace under pressure. A true team player, Karen will always offer her vast experience to a project to shed light on a challenge, present a different perspective, or get the job done. Inspired by the littlest things in her day, her positive outlook on life is refreshing, infectious, and welcome in what is often a fast-paced and highly demanding role.

Over her fifteen years with B+H, Karen has worked on some of the firm’s largest winning proposals and she knows how important it is to address each client and development with a tailored approach. She has a way of taking on even the most complex assignments and simplifying the process to make sure the right people are involved and the best outcomes are achieved. While stationed in our Toronto studio, Karen has been instrumental in supporting our growth in Asia since 2003, working in collaboration with our team overseas. Her breadth of knowledge and expertise supports our global efforts and opens opportunities to work on iconic developments around the world.

Constant communication, collaboration, and trust are important to our success because strong teams are successful teams.

Karen_H (Second choice)

Karen Hunter