Susan Jiang leverages her past design experience to continue learning and refining her craft. With practical knowledge in engineering and architecture, she understands that creative thinking and the hands-on application of theory are instrumental to creating innovative developments. Her thorough approach allows her to look at all aspects of a development. Driven by understanding a client’s needs and how people will be using spaces, Susan provides comprehensive design solutions through incorporating a project’s value, optimized siting, and materials.

Inspiration comes from the accumulation of practical work experience and creative thinking.

Susan has been part of the B+H team since 2000 and has over 24 years of experience in architectural design, urban planning, and contract administration. With strong technical and code knowledge, her expertise includes all aspects of design from concept development, to working drawing design and project management. A hard worker with a practical approach and a rich portfolio of experience, she continues to play a pivotal role working on the firm’s projects in China.