Every organization benefits from people who are excited to be constantly learning and keeping up-to-date with the latest and greatest in tools and technology related to their field. At B+H, Holly Jordan is one of those people. Always engaged, Holly gets the firm involved in new ways to explore how we organize data, communicate with each other and clients, and present concepts clearly. As a Principal, she’s often quite busy juggling project priorities and coordinating team efforts, but you can always count on her to find the time to offer advice or expertise. By approaching every design challenge with a collaborative spirit, she understands how everyone’s different strengths will contribute to the success of the team.  

For designers, thoughts aren’t linear. As ideas cross-pollinate during the process, concepts will naturally evolve over time.

Inspired by nature and organic patterns, Holly reflects a natural order in her designs. Striking a delicate balance between creative exploration and addressing technical complexities, she draws on her background in engineering and architecture to develop thoughtful concepts into detailed solutions. Holly likes to operate in the nexus between architecture, engineering, and sustainability and believes that great architecture reflects a combination of these aspects, yielding durable, and often flexible, buildings and social spaces that reimagine immediate uses and anticipate future needs.

After spending two summers with B+H during her graduate studies, Holly joined the firm full time in 2011 and has nearly twenty years of experience in the field. She serves as Vice-Chair on the Canada Green Building Council – the Greater Toronto Chapter Leadership Board and Chairs its Toronto-based Advocacy Committee. She also leads B+H’s in-house research and development group, B+Hink (“BThink”). She’s committed to uncovering innovative and sustainable solutions and is involved in all stages of design, through to execution.