Bruce Knapp has a warm recollection of reviewing the plan of a hospital lobby he was designing imagining that the space would have incredible acoustics. Little did he know that he would later stand in that built lobby and test out his assumption by playing his trumpet and hearing his favourite instrument singing in the space. Knowing that design is all about exploration and imagination, Bruce will always focus on visualizing what his clients can do with constructed designs.

When approaching any design problem, Bruce instinctively knows that he needs a vision and a way to overshoot his initial assumptions to turn a concept and aspirations into innovative built form. Bruce has a knack for careful listening to get to the heart of the matter and how he can empower his teams to move through challenges and complexities. Hard-wired for communication, he sees the outcome of collaborative design as a group effort where the result is held by every member of the team and the exact source of ideas can’t be pinpointed – it simply exists – a cohesive composition of many parts.

Our role as planners and architects is to give every client the language they need to express their goals and aspirations in three-dimensional form.

Having joined B+H in 2012, Bruce brought with him extensive experience in the leadership, design and execution of a wide range of complex facilities. His experience spans across regions within Canada and Asia and sectors including healthcare, education, institutional, mixed-use, recreation, resorts, waterfront developments and themed attraction projects. He has lectured on the future of healthcare design and major project strategies in China, Singapore, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as having been a mentor to interns and a thesis advisor to graduating students.