For Mary Ma, a focus on people is key to success in any design project. By listening carefully to her clients’ needs, and managing their expectations along with those of her team members, Mary sets clear targets and works to achieve them. She knows that strong leadership, trust, and communication are key to working through the intricacies of design to achieve targets and create something memorable and meaningful.

Design is all about seeing a vision come to life.

Mary first joined the firm in 2007 and rejoined us again in 2015. She brings with her several years of sound experience in design and construction management. Now licensed as an architect, she lends her expertise to a variety of project types including public sector, residential, commercial, and R&D. She is a valuable team member who skillfully aligns resources with objectives to deliver successful project outcomes for our clients. She also leads some of our Interior Design projects with notable clients including Alibaba, Huawei, and China Resources.