Prior to joining B+H, Jamie was President of Biomimicry Frontiers — an award-winning sustainability consultancy in Guelph, Canada. He created the firm after receiving a Ph.D. in engineering in 2016, studying urban resilience and systems-level biomimicry. In 2019, Jamie started the Biomimicry Commons, a biomimicry education and incubator platform that was named a “World Changing Idea” by Fast Company. He was previously co-director of OCAD University biomimicry program, and was trained by Indigenous Elders and Janine Benyus on the deeper principles of biomimicry.

Jamie’s journey in biomimicry started in 2004, when his perception of nature and design shifted through learning about the Fibonacci sequence in nature. Ever since, he has been seeking to uncover the design secrets of the natural world and learn how to harness the genius of a landscape to build more harmoniously within it.