As a young man, Matthew Mostyn grew up playing basketball and hockey. With three children though, things have changed a bit. Instead of getting onto the court or rink, Matthew will often enjoy a sporting event from the comfort of his own living room. As soon as his kids are old enough, he plans to get them out to games to experience the excitement of play, the action of competition and the fun of the crowd. He’s also excited about the opportunity to coach them however, his kids aren’t his only students. Matthew used to teach a course related to legalities for architecture and engineering students so his move to B+H allowed him to further expand his experience within the field.


You have to be constantly learning in order to create value for your team and the company as a whole.

Matthew has an extensive background in corporate, commercial and construction law. Having been involved in almost all levels of court including the Federal Court of Appeal and the Superior Court of Justice and having practiced at private firms, he appreciates the change that comes along with moving to an in-house setting. Matthew recognizes that his position allows him to be an integral component of on-going local and international development through attending to various project risk matters.

Within this fast-paced and detail-oriented world where regulations are continuously evolving, he’s driven by the need to stay on top of changes. Matthew’s inspired by his part in making an impact on cities and communities through his collaboration on the firm’s developments. Matthew has practiced in Ottawa and Toronto and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2005. He began his career with B+H in 2014.