Stephanie Panyan, Director, Interior Design, Toronto Studio, describes herself as a mother, designer, and lover of Boston cream donuts. But as soon as you meet her you know there is a lot more to her. Immensely creative, you might be surprised to learn she started out studying biology before shifting to interior design.

Her past in biology is still evident in her approach to design, however, as she draws inspiration from nature on a regular basis. She is passionate about using biomimicry to create the feelings you have when outdoors and surrounded by nature, but invoked in concrete and glass. She never stops learning, and is excited by the evolution of interior design.

This evolution for Stephanie includes utilizing more workplace strategy in her designs. She aims to create spaces that support a multi-generational workforce and are desirable to be in for the majority of day. She takes the time to understand her clients inside and out, their issues and their targets. She is never prouder than when a client sees their new space for the first time and says, “This feels like us”.

Stephanie is warm, bright, and deeply focused on people – her clients, her team, and her family. She brings these traits to every project, ensuring they meet and exceed expectations.