Filip Piwowarczyk is an Architectural Designer whose love of Chinese culture is what first brought him to Shanghai, where he first joined the B+H team. A long-time practitioner of Kung Fu, Filip has developed a strong sense of self-discipline and respect which he carries into his work. His passion for Kung Fu also translates to his love for architecture, enjoying a challenge that requires finding the best answers within given limitations.

Focus on what you have rather than on what’s missing in your life.

Filip has a firmly practical kind of creativity, enjoying coming up with little improvements to everyday items and taking on DIY projects. He can think outside of the box and use that big thinking to solve real problems. He brings this talent to the projects he works on, along with a well-developed sense of empathy that allows him to think from the perspective of both the client and the end-user. His aim is always to provide an environment that will satisfy both current and future needs, no matter the industry, region, or sector the project is a part of.