Adèle Rankin is no stranger to travel having been born in Scotland, lived in Oman and throughout Canada finally landing in Vancouver. Once settled in the Canadian coastal city, she realized it was hard not to love it with its year-round beauty and activity. Adèle attended Simon Fraser University and majored in archeology and it was halfway through a late class pertaining to the Neolithic Period that it hit her: she was in the wrong program. Craving something more artistic and inspiring, she dropped her classes. Her father – a Project Manager for developers at the time – suggested that she speak to someone he knew who was an interior designer. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Adèle started her Interior Design career in 2000 and her enthusiasm hasn’t wavered since. If you have the chance to chat with Adèle about her background, you’ll get to know more about her extensive experience in planning, designing and leading teams through oversight of many hospitality and residential projects throughout North America and Asia. Her enthusiastic, get-it-done approach is contagious and when collaborating on project and design challenges you’ll often hear her say, “ideas come first, not the egos”.

Good interior design is about creating more than a pleasing aesthetic; it is about creating a lasting experience.

Adele became a Senior Associate following B+H’s acquisition of CHIL in 2010 and was promoted to Principal in 2016. As a Principal, she’s gained plenty of experience in developing and implementing design concepts and collaborating with clients and teams to deliver truly inspiring interiors. She believes that the people she works with are instrumental to every project’s success and considers them a second family.

Adèle is also a member of CHIL Interior Design, the hospitality studio of B+H.

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