With a broad portfolio of work, Mario Sarandi has the ability to look at projects within a wide range of sectors and pull out the essentials he can focus on with his team to ensure success. Armed with a thorough plan every time, he meticulously organizes a project step-by-step working back from the essential dates and tasks that need to be fulfilled. He has a knack for composing the right teams of internal peers and external consultants to move the job through a seamless process. Never satisfied with status quo, Mario will always strive to find ways to grow both professionally and personally.

Managing projects, Mario is involved in every step of the way from design development to construction coordination and ensures that his clients understand the progress as things move along. With global experience in Canada, Asia and the Middle East, he has nearly 40 years of experience in the field and has been an important part of the B+H team since 1999.

When you start a project, you need to mold it and foresee how it ends to be successful.