Gail has a strong background in urban design and landscape architecture, a combination that has allowed her to create successfully integrated and balanced built form and open space environments. Her focus on all projects is entrenched in building community and creating attractive high-quality public realm spaces that foster socialization, inclusivity, cultural diversity, and healthy living. In each of her designs, the role of the public realm is heightened beyond creating notable destinations, to also revitalizing communities, incorporating sustainability and resiliency, and positioning open spaces as catalysts for social and economic vitality and viability.

With more than 25 years of experience, Gail has led the urban design, master planning, and detailed design of diverse projects at a variety of scales, ranging from city planning to detailed streetscape design. Her projects include community and campus master plans, heritage conservation district plans, downtown plans, waterfront master plans, community improvements plans, secondary plans, open space master plans, detailed streetscape design, and landscape design. She has played a significant role as project manager and senior urban designer on several award-winning projects.

In addition to her experience, Gail leads Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion conversations and creates opportunities for safe forums for discussion. She pursues Indigenous education and knowledge building to respond to and enable Truth and Reconciliation. She leads the pursuit of innovative and challenging transdisciplinary projects, builds client and business relations, manages, trains and mentors teams, and leads multiple initiatives to build and foster firm-wide collaboration and design excellence.