If you have an opportunity to speak to David Stavros about his design philosophy, you’ll be hard-pressed to believe that he entered the world of architecture purely by accident. (So it seemed at the time). With an innate sense of form and function and a poetic approach to design, it’s tough to fathom that he applied at the University of Toronto merely on a whim when a colleague mentioned that architecture was an exciting field to work in. After over 30 years of experience, there’s nothing else he’d rather do and he’ll tell you that it’s not only his job but also his hobby. Perhaps there truly are no accidents in life.

Challenge your assumptions to explore other ways to do things. See things differently.

With a strong belief that social ideas underpin absolutely everything, David works with his teams to uncover compelling design solutions that speak to the stories that arise from the connections between people, place and culture. Taking a holistic approach to design, he finds it truly rewarding to create something that’s greater than the sum of its parts and will impact how people relate to the space and each other through it. He recognizes that the design process requires a sense of play and encourages exploration beyond the immediate and obvious to heighten creativity and uncover captivating solutions.

David currently calls Toronto home and spent four years at B+H’s office in Asia. He continues to lead his teams through the conceptual design of both large and small-scale iconic institutional, educational, commercial and residential projects. He understands that a higher level of design excellence can be achieved through collaborative processes. Motivated by challenges, David has never shied away from opportunities to respond to design requests that require innovative solutions within tight constraints and limitations.